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<<2008-07-19|1:14 a.m.>>

So okay.

Why is it each time you give your heart away to someone when it comes back, there's a little bit missing? And when you collide with that person again you feel a pull like they have something of yours? It's like lending something to a friend and they don't give it back or they break it and don't, or can't (in this case) replace it. And your friendship will never be the same again...

Somethings you get over and somethings still hurt a little. And it's weird because there isn't a doubt in my mind that we would not have lasted had we really been together. But we had something amazing. Even if it was simply inspiration for each other. I have never written the way I did for him for anyone else, and I can't see me coming anywhere near it again.

I guess it was an especially intense relationship between two (at the time) dark people. And dark people are intense. Misery loves company and all that.

I am awake because I got hyped up on sugar at the pictures tonight and the comedown is making me reflective.


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